As a ceramic artist, I am deeply inspired by the natural world and its ability to bring us back to the present moment. My work is driven by a desire to create pieces that not only bring beauty and joy to our daily rituals, but also serve as a reminder of our connection to the earth.

My work marries form and function, creating pieces that are not only useful, but also a delight to use. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand, with attention paid to every detail, from the texture of the clay to the interactions of the glaze used.

Growing up in the Mojave desert, finding beauty in harsh climates became second nature — the brush, gulleys, and Joshua trees acting as the backdrop for my barefoot adventures. After moving to the Texas Hill Country in 2009, I found myself enamored with the lush rolling hills and winding rivers contrasted by the severity of its limestone cliffs and mesquite groves.

In some ways, it's no wonder my work with clay is deeply inspired by the landscapes that formed me. From the vast expanse of the desert to the movement of the Pacific Ocean, the topography of my life experience has wholly inspired my sense of place and identity as an artist.